Test Your Mooney Knowledge

1. The original Mooney Mite (M-18) was powered by which automobile engine?
A. Volkswagen
B. Porsche
C. Crosley
D. Model “T”

2. Which model Mooney was known as the “Wee Scotsman”?
A. M18C
B. M20A
C. M21
D. M22

3. What was the Mooney Cadet (M10) originally?
A. Aircoupe
B. Forney
C. Alon
D. All of the above

4. The original M20 was designed for what engine?
A. T10-541-AIA Lycoming
B. IO-360-AISA Lycoming
C. C-145 Continental
D. 0-200 Continental

5. Ralph Harmon was lead of the engineering team that designed the Beech Aircraft Bonanza and converted the M20 wood wing design to metal.
A. True
B. False

6. The difference in the M20C and the M20E is apparent by
A. a dorsal fin
B. wing root fairings
C. a cowl chin
D. tinted windows

7. In 1968, the M20E was
A. the most produced model
B. equipped with electric flaps
C. not produced at all
D. available with fuel bladders

8. The M20D Master was
A. a fixed gear
B. turbo charged
C. 6 place
D. fixed flaps

9. The first Mooney Test Pilot was?
A. Bill Wheat
B. Joel Smith
C. Bill Taylor
D. Scott Crossfield

10. Electric gear and flaps became standard equipment in which year model?
A. 1966
B. 1968
C. 1969
D. 1977

11. The 1968 M20C differed from previous models by what distinguishing features?
A. One piece windshield
B. No dorsal fin
C. Fixed cabin step
D. All of the above

12. The M20F (Executive) 21 introduced
A. the Continental TSIO-360 engine
B. pressurization
C. throw over control yoke
D. 10 inch longer cabin

13. The M20B was the first Mooney to have
A. fuel injection
B. hydraulic flaps
C. all metal airframe
D. P.C. (Positive Control)

14. Early advertising billed the M20C Ranger as
A. “The plane Al built”
B. “Bullet Fast”
C. “The fastest gear in the west”
D. “roomy”

15. Mooney Airplane Company was originally located in
A. St. Louis, MO
B. Oklahoma City, OK
C. Wichita, KS
D. Dayton, OH

16. The Mooney “round window ERA” ended in what year?
A. 1960
B. 1964
C. 1968
D. 1959

MAPA Log Volume 30, Number 11
Answers to test questions